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S2 Ep. 8: Key Arena Remodel and the Transformation of Seattle Uptown

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S2 Ep. 5: The Sonics and Seattle’s Children

What do Seattle’s children have to gain from a return of NBA basketball to the city? Episode 5 of the Seattle Growth Podcast, season 2, explores how decisions being made at the civic level regarding... Read More
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S2 Ep. 3: The SoDo Arena and Port Jobs

The SoDo arena group was a street vacation away from being ready to invite the NBA to a modern Seattle arena, but the Port of Seattle has been an outspoken opponent. Find out exactly what... Read More
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Tim Burgess Talks Sonics

Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess talks about City Council’s role in the process of bringing back the Sonics in this bonus episode of Seattle Growth Podcast. Just today, February 8th, Chris Hansen’s investment group submitted... Read More
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S2 Ep. 1: Learning from Sonics Departure

Why should you care about a potential return of the Sonics? Because the story is more complex than you might imagine. Yes, there is considerable enthusiasm for bringing them back. But their return requires addressing... Read More
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Season Two Announcement

After attracting tens of thousands of listens and earning critical acclaim in 2016, the Seattle Growth Podcast, hosted by UW Foster School professor Jeff Shulman, is back in 2017 with a second season. In season two,... Read More
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Ep. 13: Visions for Seattle’s Future

It is time for us to decide as a people : what do we want for this city as it undergoes a transformation? In today’s episode you are going to hear what the highest leadership... Read More
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Ep. 12: Seattle Growth Podcast Live

Listen to the first ever taping of Seattle Growth Podcast before a live audience at the Impact Hub in Seattle. University of Washington’s Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship organized the event on October 17th, 2016. Host... Read More
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Ep 11: Seattle Public Utilities

Are Seattle’s public utilities prepared for the influx of people? Hear from Ray Hoffman, former Director of Seattle Public Utilities, which oversees water, sewage, and solid waste management. In an in-depth interview, he shares which... Read More
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Seattle Proposal on Unsanctioned Encampments

This special episode of Seattle Growth Podcast brings you more information about the proposed ordinance that can change the way public spaces are used in neighborhoods throughout Seattle. Seattle City Council is considering a proposal... Read More
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Announcing Seattle Growth Podcast Live: October 17th

Get inspired for your next social venture with a panel discussion about Seattle’s growth and its future. As Seattle has experienced rapid population and economic growth, the city has gone through many changes that affect... Read More
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Ep. 10: Seattle Transportation

What does Seattle’s growth mean for the future of the city’s transportation network? This epsiode will look at land transportation through an in-depth interview with the Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, Scott Kubly.... Read More
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Ep. 9: Growth and Seattle Schools

A teacher, a parent, and the associate superintendent at Seattle Public Schools discuss school crowding and how schools adapt to a growing population. Hear from in-depth interviews with Kirk Wohlers, Liz MacLennan, and Dr. Flip... Read More

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