Know what you want to ask of Seattle City Council, but don’t know how to ask it. Try adapting this script based on guidance from former City Councilmember Sally Clark.

I live in      WHERE YOU LIVE     . I am reaching out in support of       CHOOSE:  A SODO ARENA /  A SEATTLE CENTER ARENA   . I have been learning about the key issues from         ENTER INFORMATION SOURCE (E.G., SEATTLE GROWTH PODCAST).  I believe     CHOOSE: SODO/ SEATTLE CENTER   , is the right choice because     WRITE ONE TO THREE REASONS  .

I hope you will support        ENTER ARENA     . Thank you for your time.


City Council Contact Info

Lisa Herbold
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Bruce Harrell
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Kshama Sawant
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Rob Johnson
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Debora Juarez
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Mike O’Brien
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Sally Bagshaw
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Tim Burgess
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Lorena Gonzalez
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