This special episode of Seattle Growth Podcast brings you more information about the proposed ordinance that can change the way public spaces are used in neighborhoods throughout Seattle. Seattle City Council is considering a proposal that will set rules dictating the city’s response to unsanctioned encampments on public property. A recent draft can be found here

The proposal has made headlines, but Seattle Growth Podcast is the first to bring you in-depth interviews from multiple perspectives closest to issue. City Councilmember Rob Johnson discusses the proposal and why he co-sponsored it. City Councilmember Tim Burgess discusses why he is opposed to the proposal and what he believes should be done instead.

For a perspective outside of government, the episode also includes an interview with the CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association: Jon Scholes.

For those of you who would like to have your voice heard on either side of this issue, you may find the City Councilmembers’ contact information below:

Lisa Herbold
Bruce Harrell
Kshama Sawant
Rob Johnson
Debora Juarez
Mike O’Brien
Sally Bagshaw
Tim Burgess
Lorena Gonzales

You may contact all city council members in a single email using


Seattle Growth Podcast Live Announcement

Also, be sure to join UW Foster professor Jeff Shulman, who hosts Seattle Growth Podcast, for Seattle Growth Podcast Live on October 17th.

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Shulman will moderate a distinguished panel of community leaders in a discussion about how to address the growth-related challenges and opportunities that will shape Seattle’s future. The panel includes:

John Connors John Creighton Maggie Walker
Ignition Partners Port of Seattle Commissioner Civic Leader

The panel discussion will be preceded by a networking opportunity during a reception with appetizers and a cash bar.

Where: Impact Hub Seattle. See Location and Parking information.

When: Monday, October 17th, 6pm to 8pm

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The event is sponsored by

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What does Seattle’s growth mean for the future of the city’s transportation network? This epsiode will look at land transportation through an in-depth interview with the Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, Scott Kubly. He will share details about the projects underway and what he sees for the future of how Seattle residents will move about the city. The episode also features an interview with the editor-in-chief of the Seattle Transit Blog, Martin Duke.

The episode also looks at air transportation through an in-depth interview with Port of Seattle commissioner John Creighton. He will share the fascinating history and future of the Port of Seattle.

This episode will give you unique insight into the far reaching impact of how growth affects the city’s transportation network and what the future holds for Seattle mobility.

With appearances by:
Brian Bonlender, Director of the Washington State Dept. of Commerce
Mark Plunkett, Seattle Aquarium Conservation Coordinator
Nicole Bell, Executive Director of Cambia Grove
Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilmember
Harold Scoggins, Chief of Seattle Fire Department
Geoff Austin, Interim Executive Director of UW Medical Center
Dr. Susan Stern
Steve Smith
Leslie Basil
Dan Morgan

A teacher, a parent, and the associate superintendent at Seattle Public Schools discuss school crowding and how schools adapt to a growing population. Hear from in-depth interviews with Kirk Wohlers, Liz MacLennan, and Dr. Flip Herndon about Seattle’s growth and the impact on its public schools.

You will learn specifics about the growth in the student population, how Seattle Public Schools forecasts the number of students, and the process by which it expands capacity. You will hear a surprising way in which PTSAs have shifted their priorities. Through this episode, you will have a better understanding of the challenges facing the city’s public schools and what can be done about these challenges.

How are Seattle’s hospitals affected by the city’s growth? Today’s episode features an in-depth interview with Dr. Susan Stern who is the head of the Division of Emergency Medicine overseeing two of Seattle’s premier emergency departments: Harborview and UW Medical Center.

You will hear the shocking way in which growth is impacting Suzanna, a nurse in an orthopedics department at a Seattle hospital. You will also hear from the executive director of Harborview Medical Center, Paul Hayes, and the interim executive director of UW Medical Center, Geoff Austin.

This episode will give you a better understanding of capacity issues in our region’s hospitals and the resource needs of our region’s hospitals in the changing city.

How are emergency services affected by Seattle’s growth? Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins describes how Seattle’s increasing density affects service calls and deployment of personnel and resources. Chief Operating Officer of the Seattle Police Department, Brian Maxey, shares how Seattle’s economic and population growth affects emergency response.

Through these in-depth interviews, you will get an inside look at how the city’s first responders think about growth and adapt to Seattle’s changes.

With an appearance by Ben Noble, Director of Seattle’s City Budget Office (0:00)

Where should Seattle put the people who are moving to the city? Hear from City Councilmember Mike O’Brien (4:55) about his plan for more density in single-family residential neighborhoods. Also listen to University of Washington architecture professor Rob Pena (24:35) and land use planner Theresa Greer (37:15) discuss how various places to put density affect the community and sustainability of the built environment.

With an appearance by Jeremy Zaretsky, Wirespring (0:00)

Hear from two Seattle natives why Seattle’s character and culture matter to them: Hazel Margaretes (5:30) and Dan Morgan (15:47). Also hear from artist-turned developer, Sam Farrazaino (28:25) who shares his perspective on the importance of culture and how catering to the arts community can be financially rewarding.

With appearances by:
Nate Daum; Startup Hall (0:00)
Taylor Graham; Seattle Sounders FC (1:45)
Bogie Mageo; Swurveys (2:13)
Kathy Kelley (2:55)
Jeff Mangalin (3:25)
Mike Lang (3:55)
Don Schulze; Owner of Shultzy’s Restaurant & President of University District Parking Associates (4:25)
Greg Smith; CEO of Urban Visions (51:00)

Get an inside look at the effect of rising rents on the lives of some of Seattle’s workers and what Seattle’s Socialist City Council Member thinks should be done. You will hear in-depth interviews with a chef named Carrie (3:30) who works two jobs to make ends meet, Steve Smith (13:55) who builds for people in Seattle and Kshama Sawant (26:52) who is Seattle’s first Socialist City Council member in over a century.

The episode also has an appearance by Jeff Mangalin.

Hear from the neighbors you’ve noticed but likely know little about. Learn about life in a Tent City, what a mother thinks about when living in a car with her two children, and why someone might move to Seattle without having a home to move into.

This episode gives you an inside look into the lives of some of Seattle’s residents who struggle with homeless: Ty Sanders (4:49) who lives on the streets, Stu Tanquist (11:18) who I met in Tent City 7, and Charlotte Wheelock (22:25) who I met in Mary’s Place family shelter. You will also hear from Janie Hendrix (2:40), CEO of Experience Hendrix and sister of the late, great musician Jimi Hendrix; and from Parker Ferguson (3:01), founding partner at Flinn Ferguson commercial real estate services. The episode features an in-depth interview with the executive director of Mary’s Place, Marty Hartman (35:42), who provides expert opinion on how to address the challenges of the rising homeless population.

With an appearance by Mike Gibbons of Tent City 7.