How will growth and the potential for a new sports and entertainment arena affect the city’s budget? Find out in today’s episode, featuring City Budget Office director Ben Noble and University of Washington professor Justin Marlowe.

Director Ben Noble (beginning 2:30) gives insight into how growth affects the resources available to the city and how these resources get deployed. He explains whether growth will mean better infrastructure and services for you. He describes the costs of accommodating more people and businesses.

Professor Justin Marlowe (beginning 27:00) has been making headlines for his study on the effect of the city’s arena choice on the budget. He shares why he completed the study, how he was compensated for it, what he found, and how he found it. Marlowe research suggests a Sodo arena could generate $67 million more revenue for the city’s general fund than the proposal to renovate Key Arena. Marlowe explains what this would mean for the budget.


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