Professor Jeff Shulman has been interviewing a set of established and emerging artists, music lovers, and music industry leaders and will soon share their stories with you.

In this upcoming season of Seattle Growth Podcast, you will hear about our city’s transformation as told through the eyes of the music community. You will hear about the parallels and intersections with the tech community that is driving much of the city’s growth. And you will hear human stories that poetically put to words the excitement, anxiety, optimism, and concern that residents throughout the city are feeling as the Seattle of tomorrow promises to be very different than the Seattle of yesterday.

For music lovers, this season of Seattle Growth Podcast will highlight the growing legacy of Seattle music artists and give insight into how that legacy will be carried forward in the future. You are going to get to know the musicians who call Seattle home and hear the variety of sounds coming from the Emerald City.

As a sample of what can be expected in season 4 of Seattle Growth Podcast, this episode features an in-depth interview with Dave B; an emerging Seattle hip-hop artist who collaborated with Macklemore on the his song Corner Store.

Dave B performed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, in a sold-out Key Arena, and is now set to headline a concert on January 27th at the Neptune Theater. In the interview, he describes his Seattle journey from performing in a choir to breaking out on the national stage. He shares his feelings toward the changes in Seattle as more people move in and the city transforms.


The episode also includes brief clips from the talented voices of Lydia Ramsey, Prom Queen, and Kate Voss.

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