S7 Ep. 2: Pete Nordstrom and Robbie Hill on Future of Seattle

October 26, 2020

UW Foster School of Business professor Jeff Shulman continues the exploration of whether Seattle will continue to be a desirable place to live, work, and do business. 

In the latest episode, you will get to know Pete Nordstrom, the President of the iconic retailer that carries his family name. Through this interview, you will hear what emerging trends in retail were accelerated by the pandemic and how Nordstrom is responding. In a candid interview, Pete Nordstrom comments on the changes in the city and the outlook for its future.

You will also hear from Robbie Hill, whose funk and soul music captured the hearts of Seattle as he topped the charts and toured the country with Robbie Hill’s Family Affair. Hill is a long-time Central District resident whose music opened On the Brink, a film about the Central District produced by Jeff Shulman. Hill shares what he is seeing during bus rides in the midst of the pandemic and poses an ask of the Seattle Growth Podcast listeners. 

Together, these interviews give you distinct perspectives on how people are navigating the pandemic and what the future holds for Seattle. 

Hear Robbie Hill’s music in the opening scene of On the Brink, a film about the changes in the Central District produced and co-directed by Jeff Shulman. The film is available on PBS.org.

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