The SoDo arena group was a street vacation away from being ready to invite the NBA to a modern Seattle arena, but the Port of Seattle has been an outspoken opponent. Find out exactly what the Port opposes and get a further understanding of why the Port is concerned about the SoDo arena.

In this episode, you will hear from Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton.

You will also get historical context about the Port of Seattle from former Port CEO Mic Dinsmore, who served in that capacity for 15 years from 1992 to 2007.

The episode concludes with the executive director of the Manufacturing Industrial Council Dave Gering who describes the local maritime industry and how he fears a SODO arena could impact not just the industry, but all residents of Seattle.

The city is in the midst of its decision-making process, and now is the time to become informed about the benefits and challenges associated with potential locations.

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