Three residents with more than a combined century living in Seattle tell their side of the story of Seattle in today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast.  Seattle’s population has increased an astounding 15.4 percent since the start of the decade. For tens of thousands of newcomers, a bustling, growing Seattle is all they’ve ever known. But tucked within some of those houses, apartments, and condos surrounded by construction cranes are people who grew up in a very different city.

The three interviews give you perspective on how the physical transformation under way in Seattle is affecting some of the city’s long-time residents. Given history has a habit of repeating itself, hearing their stories will give you a better understanding of how Seattle’s future growth may ultimately affect you and life in this city. You will also gain insight into the challenges your fellow community members are facing, so that you can be a part of building a mutually beneficial future.


The episode features Damon Bomar, Wendy Colgan, and Alisha Cross.

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