Seattle is growing at an extraordinary rate. As more people and money flow into the city, the skyline and neighborhoods are being transformed. What will the future of the Seattle and its neighborhoods look like? Only time will tell as various people and groups jockey for position to have their vision for Seattle unfold.

Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast offers guidance into how you can influence the future of Seattle. You will hear from people who have organized, lobbied, or litigated to play a role in determining what Seattle will look like for years to come. Through these examples, you will have a better understanding of how you can have your voice heard as the city changes around you.

You will hear from Roger Valdez of Smart Growth Seattle.

You will hear from Martin H. Kaplan, an architect and engaged Seattle resident.

You will hear from Ethan Phelps-Goodman about Seattle Tech Workers for Housing.

Through meeting these change-makers, you will get perspective on the variety of efforts underway to set policy.

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