Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast looks at question that has affected many throughout Seattle: how should the city deal with tents and encampments in public spaces?


This question is important to our community’s homeless residents hanging on to their last few possessions and to the business leaders and residents who encounter unsanctioned encampments on their commutes, near their homes, and in their parks.

Today’s episode features Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr., an activist and organizer of Nikita Oliver’s 2017 Mayoral campaign. Hawkins Jr. explains why he advocates for homeless individuals and gives insight into “Stop the Sweeps” efforts.

You will also hear from Ian Gordon, business manager of the Local 1239 union representing Seattle Parks and Recreation employees. He shares the challenges Parks employees have in maintaining spaces for use by the public.


In the episode, Professor Jeff Shulman also announces his next project: a feature-length documentary On the Brink. The movie shares a story of history, hope, and determination.



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