S6 Ep. 11: A Community of Filmmakers and Film Lovers

September 12, 2019

Today’s extra episode of Seattle Growth Podcast features an interview with Vivian Hua, Executive Director of Northwest Film Forum. Hua is a writer, filmmaker, and organizer who previously co-founded The Seventh Art Stand and served as editor-in-chief of REDEFINE. In the interview, Hua gives insight into the Seattle filmmaking scene.

Contributing to the season’s theme on finding community in a dynamic city, she shares the work being done to foster community of filmmakers and film lovers at the Northwest Film Forum. Northwest Film Forum is a nonprofit film and arts center aiming to incite a public dialogue and creative action through collective cinematic experiences.

Hua offers lessons for other leaders in the arts and describes an the upcoming opportunity for listeners to engage in the arts: Local Sightings Film Festival, which will bring industry professionals, artists, and a diverse group of community members together for 10 boundary-pushing days September 20-29th.

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