S6 Ep. 13: A Tale of a Small Business Owner, Artist, & Community Organizer

October 30, 2019

Today’s extra episode of Seattle Growth Podcast features an interview with a small business owner, an artist, and someone who wants to see a positive shared future for the people of Seattle as the city transforms.

Catch “A compelling new documentary” about the changes in Seattle’s Central District on November 20th. Seattle Growth Podcast host Jeff Shulman, who produced the film, will introduce the movie and facilitate a discussion with Garfield Principal Ted Howard and YMCA Executive Director Greg Lewis about carrying forward the legacy of the Central District. More info at www.onthebrinkmovie.com.

The episode tells a story of a community-led effort to make the Rainier Farmer Market a desirable place to visit and buy fresh produce. Gavin Amos, associate strategic coordinator for the Central Area Collaborative, shares how he connected Kevin Nguyen, owner of the Rainier Farmer Market, with artist Henry Luke to utilize the power of art to engender a sense of belonging for South End restaurants. Together, they have raised thousands of dollars and come together as a community to demonstrate an appreciation of the shared space. The interviews share perspectives on what changes in Seattle are most striking. The story also highlights challenges small businesses face and how the community can come together to address them. 

If you want to support the work discussed in the podcast episode, visit their GoFundMe page here.

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