S6 Ep. 8: Empowering Youth and Underserved Communities

July 24, 2019

State Representative Eric Pettigrew and Orlando Morales of the 5th Avenue Theatre discuss their efforts to empower youth and to empower underserved communities to play a role in shaping a shared future. For business leaders seeking to give back or cultivate relationships with previously underrepresented communities, the interviews offer lessons about effective community engagement that are applicable beyond the arts. The episode gives listeners a chance to get to know their state representative and to learn more about a cultural resource in Seattle.

To learn more about The Rising Star Project, visit http://www.risingstarproject.org/

Want to see the documentary that Rep. Eric Pettigrew mentioned in his interview? Check out On the Brink. Hailed as “worth watching” by The Stranger, the film offers what Crosscut proclaimed as a history lesson “all Seattleites would benefit from learning.” The film has sold out its first two public screenings. Seattle Theatre Group is sponsoring the next screening on August 15th at the Neptune Theater as part of Nights at the Neptune: A People’s Theatre Joint. Register today at www.onthebrinkmovie.com/screenings.

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