S7 Ep. 1: Outlooks from Real Estate and a Local Restaurant

October 20, 2020

UW Foster School of Business professor Jeff Shulman started Seattle Growth Podcast in 2016 during a time when Seattle was in transition while experiencing unprecedented economic and population growth. Shulman wanted to bring diverse voices together for a constructive dialog about where Seattle’s been and where it is going.

Fast forward to 2020, we find ourselves again in a time of transition. The pandemic has ushered Seattle into an era of great uncertainty and anxiety. Will the city continue to be a desirable place to live, to work, and to do business? Will the economic and population growth of the last decade continue into the 20s?

This upcoming season of Seattle Growth Podcast will explore these questions through interviews with a broad set of people connected to Seattle. Thanks to KBFG 107.3, Professor Shulman was able to conduct socially distanced interviews outdoors with professional recording equipment.

In the season premiere, Shulman hears from David Wasielewski, managing partner at Din Tai Fung Restaurants. Wasielewski shares his perspective on what we can expect for downtown Seattle in the coming months and in the long run. Wasielewski also gives insight into how he has navigated his restaurants through this difficult time.

The episode also features an interview with Jacob Weaver, co-founder of the Weaver Byrne Group. Weaver explains whether it is a good time to buy a home and whether you can expect to see more construction of McMansions in the road ahead. 

This season of Seattle Growth Podcast is an opportunity to learn how people are responding to the challenges many of us face and to get an unfiltered view of how others think about the outlook for Seattle. 

Hungry for more content on Seattle’s past, present, and future? Check out the documentary On the Brink, produced and co-directed by Seattle Growth Podcast Host Jeff Shulman. See the trailer below and check out the film on PBS.

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