S7 Ep. 3 The Future of Downtown Seattle

November 2, 2020

What does the future hold for downtown Seattle? How have recent changes in the city affected what it is like to live, work, or do business in the center of the city? 

Long-time Seattle resident Jesdarnel Henton and the President/CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association, Jon Scholes, share their perspective in today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast and Radio Show. 

Jesdarnel “Squirt” Henton is well known for her work with her mother in bringing delicious food to the Central District. She starred in the documentary, On the Brink, produced by UW Foster professor and Seattle Growth Podcast host Jeff Shulman. In this interview, Henton opens up about the emotions of having a mother in a senior living facility during the pandemic. She also shares a recent change that alarms her. 

Jon Scholes makes his third appearance on Seattle Growth Podcast to share how the pandemic has created a significant challenges to the downtown core. He shares trends that are worrisome and trends that give reason for some optimism.

Together, these interviews give you distinct perspectives on how people are navigating the pandemic and what the future holds for Seattle.

Hungry for more content on Seattle’s past, present, and future? Check out the documentary On the Brink, produced and co-directed by Seattle Growth Podcast Host Jeff Shulman. See the trailer below and check out the film on PBS.

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