S7 Ep. 4: Seattle Non-Profits and Arts During Pandemic Transition

November 9, 2020

“2020 is the year of the pivot,” as musician Tekla Waterfield says in today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast. Today’s episode gives perspective on how non-profits and musicians are pivoting in light of the pandemic. COVID-19 has brought dramatic changes to people and communities across the country. UW Foster professor Jeff Shulman is connecting with people across Seattle to see how they are adapting and what this transition means for the future of the city.

Today’s episode features Greg Lewis, the executive director of the Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA. Lewis shares how his branch has chosen to tackle some of the disparities highlighted by the pandemic. The interview gives insight in the struggles local non-profits face as well unique opportunities created by the pandemic.

Today’s episode also features Tekla Waterfield, who appeared in season 4 of Seattle Growth Podcast, which explored the past, present, and future of Seattle’s music scene. Waterfield opens up about how the pandemic decimated her traditional income sources and shares how she found new opportunities.

Collectively, the interviews showcase stories of resilience in the face of significant adversity. The interviews also give context to Seattle history and perspective on what the future could look like.

You can find Waterfield’s music on Spotify or Bandcamp or listen below.

Hungry for more content on Seattle’s past, present, and future? Check out the documentary On the Brink, produced and co-directed by Seattle Growth Podcast Host Jeff Shulman. See the trailer below and check out the film on PBS.

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