S7 Ep. 6: Coping and Adapting to the Pandemic- Dhruv Agarwal & Ann Davison

November 23, 2020

Coronavirus case numbers are spiking and new restrictions are being implemented to curb the spread of the virus. Many businesses yet again find themselves again in a fight for survival with major sources of revenue shut off for the foreseeable future. Residents find themselves with a profound sense of isolation. Where can one find hope that this next round of challenges can be overcome?

This episode of Seattle Growth Podcast shares stories of coping and adapting during the pandemic. In interviews recorded before the restrictions on businesses and social gatherings, Dhruv Agarwal and Ann Davison share how they got through the first wave of the pandemic and what they see for the future of Seattle. 

Dhruv Agarwal owns a variety of businesses and shares how they’ve each been uniquely impacted by the pandemic. Agarwal owns True Brands, Landmark Event & Catering Company, and has a commercial real estate portfolio in the city. Agarwal offers a candid perspective on the challenges created by COVID-19 and how he has worked to overcome them.

Ann Davison is a Seattle mom, attorney, and former candidate for Lt. Governor. Davison worked in basketball operations for the Seattle Supersonics and is anxious to do whatever she can to help bring the NBA back to Seattle. Davison has been outspoken about the Seattle arena debate covered in Season 2 of Seattle Growth Podcast. In this episode, Davison shares how she is coping with the pandemic and how COVID-19 shifted the campaign. Davison offers her outlook on the future of Seattle and what she hopes residents will do to build a better future.

Combined, these interviews offer distinct perspectives on the changes in Seattle and the city’s future. They also offer some valuable lessons on adapting to the new reality.

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