S7 Ep. 9: Release the Kraken

December 16, 2020

We are nearing the end of this season of Seattle Growth Podcast and Radio Show. Through the last 9 weeks, Professor Jeff Shulman has been bringing together diverse perspectives on how Seattle will emerge from these challenging times. 

Each episode has shared lessons about adapting professionally and personally to challenging circumstances. Each episode has shared how people from a broad range of backgrounds and neighborhoods are experiencing the challenges of our city.

Today’s episode will release the Kraken, or at least release insight into how the Seattle Kraken’s VP of Community Engagement and Social Impact has adapted to the pandemic. Mari Horita shares valuable lessons for how organizations, even those fundamentally built on in-person connection, can use their values as a north star in adapting to new realities

You will also hear from Ben Petter, president of Avara construction, a tenant improvement contractor who builds office space throughout the region. Avara Construction was selected by Seattle Business Magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Petter shares how the pandemic has impacted his ability to continue to take care of his employees and his customers. He also shares an interesting piece of data that gives clues about upcoming growth in the region. You won’t want to miss it.

Combined, the interviews give perspective on the future of Seattle and the challenges faced by the city’s residents and businesses.

To learn more about the charities supported by Seattle Kraken, visit www.youthcare.org, www.communitypassageways.org, and Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle.

Interested in hearing more about Seattle’s history. Check out the documentary produced by Jeff Shulman: On the Brink. Available free on PBS, On the Brink tells a Central District story of history, hope, and determination. Relevant now more than ever, it is a must-see film.

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