Sonic Boom Day: April 17th

April 5, 2017

#SonicBoomDay is coming

Want to weigh in on the arena debate?  Combine your voice with others to create a boom that will be heard.

City Council will be deciding whether to pave the way for a SoDo arena or accept a proposal on a Key Arena renovation. Councilmembers deserve to know how their constituents feel about the issue. Regardless of where you stand, now is the time to get involved in the process. Share your voice on Sonic Boom Day, April 17th, so the Council hears loud and clear how they can best serve the voters’ interest.

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Follow these tips for maximum effectiveness:

  • Be respectful.
  • Tell where you live.
  • Share what you want and the reasons for it.
  • Be concise.
  • Avoid threatening of any kind, even with your vote.
  • Thank Councilmember or aide.
  • Need help? Adapt this script

City Council Contact Info

Lisa Herbold
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Bruce Harrell
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Kshama Sawant
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Rob Johnson
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Debora Juarez
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Mike O’Brien
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Sally Bagshaw
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Tim Burgess
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Lorena Gonzalez
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Get caught up on the various perspectives on the issue through this season’s episodes of Seattle Growth Podcast.


SoDo Arena Proposal Purpose and Plan

Chris Hansen opens up about his efforts to return an NBA franchise to Seattle. He discusses what he learned in falling short n a 2012 attempt to relocate the Sacramento Kings and why he continues his pursuit of an NBA franchise. He explains what the group needs from the city and from the sports leagues to break ground on an arena in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. Listen here

Pete Nordstrom, also a member of the Schultz-led Sonics ownership group, explains how limitations of Key Arena contributed to the sale. He also explains why he is part of a group investing in a SoDo Arena. Former Sonics executive and owner Wally Walker provides details about the SoDo Arena purpose, plan, and next steps. Listen here.

Key Arena Renovation: Purpose, Plan, and Next Steps

The city requested proposals for a Key Arena renovation in Seattle Center. See the proposals on the OED website.  Brian Surratt, director of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, discusses how the Mayor’s office thinks about the location. Lance Lopes, director of special projects at Oak View Group, describes what he hopes to accomplish in submitting a proposal for a renovation. Listen here.

City Council’s Role in the Process

City Councilmember Tim Burgess describes why he voted for the street vacation requested in the SoDo Arena proposal. He describes how and why City Council gets involved in the process of arena development. Listen here.

The Port’s Perspective

The Port of Seattle has been advocating for a different location for an arena. Seattle Growth Podcast brings you rare interviews to understand their perspective. Port Commissioner John Creighton explains how he envisions a SoDo arena affecting middle class jobs, Seattle’s maritime industry, and the commerce flowing through the region. Former Port of Seattle CEO Mic Dinsmore explains the importance of traffic flow in moving people and commerce through the city. David Gering, executive director of the Manufacturing Industrial Council gives further specifics about the people and companies he worries will be detrimentally impacted by a SoDo Arena. Listen here. 

Your Commute: Transportation Network Serving Each Site

Get a detailed analysis of how your commute would be affected by the arena location. Local residents such as 3-time NBA All-Star Detlef Schrempf have expressed concerns about the traffic in the area surrounding Key Arena. The director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, Scott Kubly, describes the strengths and weaknesses of the transportation network serving each location under consideration. Editor of Seattle Transit Blog, Martin Duke, also weighs in on the transit options for each location. Listen here.

Your Rent or Home Value: 

Get a look at which neighborhoods might be changing as a result of the arena decision. Craig Kinzer, founder and CEO of Kinzer Partners, describes how the neighborhood surrounding an arena might change. Realtors Tyler Davis Jones and Phil Greely of the Rise Seattle Podcast describe the impact an arena can have on home values. Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist at Windermere Real Estate, breaks down the winners and losers in the real estate market for each arena location. Listen here

Lessons from the Sonics Departure

There are lessons from the Sonics departure in 2008 that can inform the current arena discussion. Craig Kinzer shares lessons from being part of the Howard Schultz-led ownership group that sold the team to Clay Bennett who moved the Sonics to Oklahoma City. Paul Lawrence, the lead attorney for Seattle in its case against Clay Bennett, gives insight into the events causing the departure. Listen here.

Develop an informed opinion and be prepared to share that opinion with city leaders on Sonic Boom Day, April 17th!


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