This special episode of Seattle Growth Podcast gives you an inside look at a burgeoning industry with potential to further drive growth in this city. Jeff Shulman had an opportunity to visit the Geekwire Sports Tech Summit and interview individuals uniquely involved in the the sports tech.

In this episode:

Taylor Soper, the sports tech reporter for Geekwire, (beginning around 4:27) describes how Vicis, Amazon, and Microsoft are driving sports tech in the region and what can be expected in the future.

Former professional hockey player and co-founder of League, Todd Humphrey, (beginning around 11:00) explains how professional hockey has prepared him for entrepreneurship. He offers an idea of what Seattle can expect from local sports tech companies in the future.

Akvelon employee, Jeremiah Mothersell, (18:39) shares why he moved here from Arizona without a job in hand, and what it is like to work at a sports tech company in Seattle.

Professional hot air balloon competitor and pilot at Seattle Ballooning, Eliav Cohen, (23:58) describes how a local tech company is incidentally revolutionizing the world-wide sport of hot air ballooning.

The episode gives you a better understanding of what you can expect from Seattle’s sports tech scene and how it may further drive the growth of the city.

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