Did you that know nine of the seventeen new musicals produced in Executive Producer David Armstrong’s tenure at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre went from this Seattle stage to Broadway and that two of them won the Tony award for Best Musical? As the fourth season of Seattle Growth Podcast examines the past, present, and future of the Seattle music scene, the city’s vibrant musical theater scene merits attention.

David Armstrong, who has served as the Executive Producer and Artistic Director for 5th Avenue Theatre for almost two decades describes how the city is getting national recognition for musical theater. Armstrong shares how the city is both producing and drawing in top flight musical theater talent. Armstrong also gives unique insight into how the city’s growth is affecting the business of the storied theater.

Two of the talented actors who were drawn to be a part of Seattle’s musical theater community open up about their transition to the city. Porscha Shaw, who was named by KUOW as one of the Seattle artists you should know about, tells the story of how she has begun her ride to prominence. Andre Brown shares what is happening in Seattle that facilitates the creation of art across various mediums. Both give further insight into the soul of the Seattle music scene.

This episode gives an inside look at a musical theater community that serves as a key aspect of Seattle’s vibrant art and culture.