Seattle Growth Podcast host Jeff Shulman set across the city interviewing established and emerging musicians, music lovers, and music industry leaders to learn more about the past, present, and future of Seattle music. In this season finale, voices from this season share why music is embedded in Seattle’s DNA, give insight into the soul of the not just the music scene but the city as a whole, and offer perspectives on what needs to be done to hold on to the rich cultural resource.

This episode includes insights from:


David Armstrong Armstrong served as the Executive Producer and Artistic Director of 5th Ave Theatre for 18 years and will soon be launching his own podcast “The Musical Man.”

Dave B. Dave B performed in front of a sold out Key Arena and with Macklemore on The Tonight Show.

Andre Brown Brown is a recent graduate of the University of Washington’s School of Drama.

Matt Bishop Bishop founded the popular indie folk and chamber pop band Hey Marseilles.

Marco Collins Collins is the subject of the documentary The Glamour and the Squalor because of his rich contributions to the national music scene through his work as a Seattle radio personality.

Draze Draze is a hip-hop emcee and musician born in Seattle. His hit song “The Hood Ain’t The Same” focused on the changes Seattle residents are seeing.  

Chris Early Early was the founding bassist for Band of Horses.

Jason Finn Finn is the drummer for the platinum-selling, grammy-nominated band Presidents of the United States of America.

Kate Voss and Jason Goessl. The married duo Sundae and Mr. Goessl recently released their 5th studio album, “When You’re Smiling”, which is available on all platforms including their website.  

DeVon Manier Manier founded Sportn’ Life Records and was an inaugural member of the Seattle Music Commission. Manier’s Sportn’ Life Music Group currently manages The Black Tones who will perform at the Capitol Hill Block Party on July 20th and at City Hall Plaza on July 26th as part of the Downtown Summer Sounds series.

Celene Ramadan Ramadan is a a Seattle musician who has performed as Leeni, Prom Queen and Snax the Bunny.

Lydia Ramsey Ramsey is an Americana folk singer-songwriter who will be performing a free concert on July 19th in Volunteer Park.

Curtis Romjue Romjue is the founder of First Aid Arts, which provides arts-based tools and training for a world where wounded hearts heal beautifully.

Austin Santiago Santiago is the General Manager of Do206

Steven Severin Severin is active in the Seattle’s nightlife and entertainment scene, owning Neumos, Wake Up Productions, Barboza, and The Runaway. Severin is passionate about the midterm elections and encourages everyone to register to vote and then vote.

Brent Stiefel Stiefel, Foster School of Business MBA ‘06, is co-founder of Onto Entertainment, which manages the platinum-selling band The Lumineers. He is also the CEO of Votiv Inc.

Dustin Vance Vance is a recent arrival to Seattle who has instantly found opportunities to share his musical talents with listeners. His band Fond Farewell will be performing at Tim’s Tavern on August 11th.

Naomi Wachira Wachira is an Afro-Folk singer songwriter.

Levi and Stephanie Ware Through their work streaming live concerts to children in hospitals with Melodic Caring Project, they have continually witnessed the incredible power that music and intentional compassion has to profoundly impact the emotional, physical and mental health of kids battling serious and/or chronic illness. Joy and hope are powerful medicine and they’ve seen music provide both.   

Tekla Waterfield Waterfield recently received a “Listen Up! Women in Music” grant for songwriting from the Allied Arts Foundation and will be performing at Chihuly Garden and Glass on August 9th and in the 5th annual Seattle Acoustic Festival on August 25th.

Hollis Wong-Wear Wong-Wear is a Grammy-nominated artist known for her collaboration with Macklemore on the hit song White Walls and her work with the group The Flavr Blue.

“At this city, we’re at this incredible inflection point,” Seattle City Councilmember Rob Johnson told Jeff Shulman in the first episode of Seattle Growth Podcast in 2016. Fast-forward almost two years later and the “unprecedented growth” continues and Seattle Growth Podcast has become a well-known source for perspective on the transformation underway.

Now Seattle Growth Podcast brings its spotlight to the music community in our growing city. The rapid rise of Seattle’s tech industry has had the strongest impact on growth in this city and some tech workers, such as Daryl Ducharme, credit Seattle’s legendary music scene for spurring innovation. “There’s a lot of smart talented people here. And I really am of the belief that its because of the artists and entertainers we have here in Seattle. All that creative energy makes for… smart tech people who are coming up with creative solutions because we think outside the box, we think creatively.”

This season of Seattle Growth Podcast paints a picture of the past, present, and future of Seattle’s music scene. To understand where Seattle is going, it is important to know where it has been. You will hear from people who have played key roles in shaping Seattle’s identity.

The story begins in this first episode of season 4 with a look at the 1990s, an almost universally recognized era of Seattle sound. It was a time when America’s ears were tuned in to our city. It gave Seattle natives such as Pete Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom, “a sense of pride for what was happening in our community that we were a part of something that was really a big movement.”

Whereas Seattle had produced many notable musical artists in prior years, the sounds from the 1990s were distinctly recognized across the globe as emanating from this city.  With Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Presidents of the United States of America, Alice in Chains, and the Foo Fighters, Seattle was a powerful force in influencing popular culture and music. The industry and fans took notice. For example, 3 of the 5 nominees for best alternative music performance at the 38th annual Grammy Awards held in 1996 hailed from Seattle. Today’s episode features one of these nominees, the drummer for the Presidents of the United States of America, Jason Finn.

What was it like to be a Seattle musician in this era where one could be catapulted from playing Seattle’s Romper Room to selling millions of records? What was happening in Seattle that enabled local bands to take the national leap?

You’ll hear Jason Finn’s perspective on these questions and more. You’ll also hear the fan perspective from Daryl Ducharme, a music lover who worked at Guitar Center during the decade.

The interviews will paint a vivid picture of a unique moment in Seattle’s history that will also give insight into our future.


With musical intros performed by Naomi Wachira, Draze, and Porscha Shaw.



Voices appearing in Season 4 of Seattle Growth Podcast:

Episode 1

Jason Finn, drummer for Presidents of the United States of America

Pete Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom

Daryl Ducharme, host of Seattle After Party

Episode 2

Marco Collins, Seattle radio personality

Ben London, singer-songwriter and former executive at the Grammys.

Episode 3

Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix

DeVon Manier, Sportin’ Life Music Group

Episode 4

Dave B, recording artist

Draze, recording artist

Episode 5

Austin Santiago, BuildStrong Music Group and Do206

Lydia Ramsey, singer-songwriter and talent buyer at the Triple Door

Celene Ramadan, Prom Queen

Episode 6

Matt Bishop, Hey Marseilles

Naomi Wachira, afro-folk singer-songwriter

Kate Voss, Seattle Weekly’s jazz act of 2017

Jason Goessl, Sundae + Mr. Goessl

Episode 7

Tekla Waterfield, singer-songwriter

Dustin Vance, singer-songwriter

Jeremiah Craig, singer-songwriter & marketing manager

Coming in Episode 8:

David Armstrong, Executive Producer and Artistic Director of 5th Ave Theatre

Porscha Shaw, actress

Andre Brown, actor

Coming in Episode 9:

Stephanie and Levi Ware, Melodic Caring Project

Curtis Romjue, First Aid Arts

Still to come in this season:

David Meinert, Onto Entertainment

Brent Stiefel, Votiv

Hollis, singer-songwriter, producer, artist, activist

Steven Severin, Neumos

Hear from two Seattle natives why Seattle’s character and culture matter to them: Hazel Margaretes (5:30) and Dan Morgan (15:47). Also hear from artist-turned developer, Sam Farrazaino (28:25) who shares his perspective on the importance of culture and how catering to the arts community can be financially rewarding.

With appearances by:
Nate Daum; Startup Hall (0:00)
Taylor Graham; Seattle Sounders FC (1:45)
Bogie Mageo; Swurveys (2:13)
Kathy Kelley (2:55)
Jeff Mangalin (3:25)
Mike Lang (3:55)
Don Schulze; Owner of Shultzy’s Restaurant & President of University District Parking Associates (4:25)
Greg Smith; CEO of Urban Visions (51:00)