This episode of Seattle Growth Podcast continues its brief look at Seattle’s rich musical history. In today’s episode, Janie Hendrix (CEO of Experience Hendrix) shares how the city’s growth has affected her efforts to honor the legacy of Seattle-born rock and roll legend Jimi Hendrix. You will learn more about the continued impact Jimi Hendrix has on Seattle today.

The episode also features an interview with inaugural Seattle Music Commissioner DeVon Manier. Manier is cofounder of Sportn’ Life Music Group and works with Seattle artists such as the Black Tones and Future Shock. He shares stories from his time developing hip-hop artists at the turn of the century and what drove him to participate in the Seattle Music Commission.

The interviews give listeners a glimpse into Seattle’s musical past and provides insight into what the future holds for our growing city.

With appearances by Marco Collins, Ben London, Jason Finn, Draze, and Dave B.

Featuring the song”Woman in Black” by The Blacktones.