Today’s episode gives rare insight into the economics and emotional journey associated with becoming a professional musician in Seattle. With money and people moving into the city, this episode focuses on some of the musicians the city stands to lose as economics of a recording artists change. You will hear the voice of a musician who has moved away from the city, two musicians who anticipate moving soon, and a musician whose successful band has gone on hiatus.


The episode gives further perspective on the soul of Seattle’s music scene and how the community is evolving as the city transforms.


In this episode are:

Naomi Wachira who was once named Seattle’s best folk singer by Seattle Weekly.

Matt Bishop who explains why his popular band Hey Marseilles recently went on hiatus.

Kate Voss who was named Best Jazz Act of 2017 by Seattle Weekly and NW Jazz Vocalist of the Year by Earshot.

Jason Goessl who performs in several bands including Sundae and Mr. Goessl with his wife Kate Voss.


The episode also features the songs Makes My Heart Sway by Sundae and Mr. Goessl and Beautifully Human by Naomi Wachira.


In this episode, you will learn how these artists attracted their followings, how they made a living, and how the booming economy affects the paychecks of local performing artists.


Voices appearing in Season 4 of Seattle Growth Podcast:

Episode 1

Jason Finn, drummer for Presidents of the United States of America

Pete Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom

Daryl Ducharme, host of Seattle After Party

Episode 2

Marco Collins, Seattle radio personality

Ben London, singer-songwriter and former executive at the Grammys.

Episode 3

Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix

DeVon Manier, Sportin’ Life Music Group

Episode 4

Dave B, recording artist

Draze, recording artist

Episode 5

Austin Santiago, BuildStrong Music Group and Do206

Lydia Ramsey, singer-songwriter and talent buyer at the Triple Door

Celene Ramadan, Prom Queen

Episode 6

Matt Bishop, Hey Marseilles

Naomi Wachira, afro-folk singer-songwriter

Kate Voss, Seattle Weekly’s jazz act of 2017

Jason Goessl, Sundae + Mr. Goessl

Episode 7

Tekla Waterfield, singer-songwriter

Dustin Vance, singer-songwriter

Jeremiah Craig, singer-songwriter & marketing manager

Coming in Episode 8:

David Armstrong, Executive Producer and Artistic Director of 5th Ave Theatre

Porscha Shaw, actress

Andre Brown, actor

Coming in Episode 9:

Stephanie and Levi Ware, Melodic Caring Project

Curtis Romjue, First Aid Arts

Still to come in this season:

David Meinert, Onto Entertainment

Brent Stiefel, Votiv

Hollis, singer-songwriter, producer, artist, activist

Steven Severin, Neumos