What does Seattle’s growth mean for the future of the city’s transportation network? This epsiode will look at land transportation through an in-depth interview with the Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, Scott Kubly. He will share details about the projects underway and what he sees for the future of how Seattle residents will move about the city. The episode also features an interview with the editor-in-chief of the Seattle Transit Blog, Martin Duke.

The episode also looks at air transportation through an in-depth interview with Port of Seattle commissioner John Creighton. He will share the fascinating history and future of the Port of Seattle.

This episode will give you unique insight into the far reaching impact of how growth affects the city’s transportation network and what the future holds for Seattle mobility.

With appearances by:
Brian Bonlender, Director of the Washington State Dept. of Commerce
Mark Plunkett, Seattle Aquarium Conservation Coordinator
Nicole Bell, Executive Director of Cambia Grove
Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilmember
Harold Scoggins, Chief of Seattle Fire Department
Geoff Austin, Interim Executive Director of UW Medical Center
Dr. Susan Stern
Steve Smith
Leslie Basil
Dan Morgan

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